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Sunset Kayak

Hey! So glad you're here.

Whether you clicked your way here or you were referred by your medical provider, I am here to encourage you. There are simple, actionable steps everyone can take to live healthier, feel better, think smarter, and connect deeper.


Each simple step compounds to create meaningful change.


Find the steps that make sense for you. 

About Me.

My name is Katie Morone and I am a practicing neurologist, life coach, mother of three, and wife living in Nashville, Tennessee. At its core, this work is about conveying your inherent dignity. You are whole and worthy, and such people can acknowledge this by taking care of themselves, leading healthy well-rounded lives. 

As a practicing neurologist, I have seen firsthand the importance of taking care of our minds and bodies and how it can affect our overall quality of life. Through this blog, I aim to provide you with evidence-based information and practical tips on how to optimize your health. Whether you have just suffered a stroke, you are looking to boost your cognitive function, or simply adopt healthier habits, my goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to achieve your goals.

So, join me on this journey towards better health and wellbeing, and let's make positive changes together!



University of Michigan 

Brain, Behavior, Cognitive Sciences

Bachelor of Science 


Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 

Medical Doctor 


Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Internal Medicine Internship 

Neurology Residency .

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